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Cluck and Hall
  • Tax

    As seasoned tax specialists, we know the strategies to make tax preparation for your Canton, TX business easy.
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  • Bookkeeping

    Allow us to become the external bookkeepers for your Canton, TX business, providing relief from the complexities of your financial data.
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  • Business

    Whether you’re a major corporation, small businesses, nonprofits, or startup in East Texas, we have the advice you need to make and keep more profit.
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  • Notary
    of the public

    If you are looking for a notary in Canton, TX, Cluck & Hall provides comprehensive notary services to meet the needs of busy businesses and individuals. Contact us today to make an appointment.
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  • Start Ups

    We’re there to guide you through every step of forming a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation (S-Corp or C-Corp) in East Texas.
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Cluck & Hall

Locally owned & family operated firm

We’ve spent decades figuring out the best ways for businesses of all sizes to achieve their dreams. It’s complicated work, but without bookkeeping services, many companies would fail. That’s why our father-daughter team is dedicated to serving the businesses of Canton, TX, and all of East Texas, with exceptional bookkeeping, small business consulting, and tax preparation services.

Robert Cluck

Partner/Owner   |   (903) 287-9160

Aspen Hall

Partner/Owner   |   (903) 287-9160

As a family-operated firm, we know what it’s like to start as a small business, while our experience with the big guys means we can apply our knowledge to any corporation in East Texas. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does bookkeeping matter?

    Proper bookkeeping allows your East Texas business to manage its finances strategically so you can better allocate your resources.

  • How can better bookkeeping affect my bottom line?

    If you inaccurately record and measure your finances, your Canton area business can fail. Without proper financial practices in place, your business will lose revenue and miss significant opportunities.

  • Why should I consider outsourcing my bookkeeping needs?

    Some businesses are too small to afford an in-house bookkeeper, or lack the space or time to perform regular financial reviews.

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Bookkeeping Services

Tailored for Your Business

Finances can quickly become cluttered and confusing. At Cluck & Hall, we specialize in minimizing the tax liability for small business entities in the Canton, Texas, area so they can have healthy financial futures.

You can depend on us to keep you compliant with state, federal, and local requirements.

No matter how complex your finances may be, Robert Cluck and Aspen Hall are here to help.

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